"Effortless underwater fun and a nifty new device… An extraordinary tool – I’d take it on holiday even if I wasn’t a serious diver because it’s just plain fun.”


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Bladefish 5000
Editors Pick March 2010
Sport Diver Magazine

“This is serious fun in the palm of your hand…the thing literally takes up less room than a pair of fins; which is really pretty cool when you think about it!”

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Steve Parker
Professional Diver, A1 Scuba
Denver Colorado

DIVE Magazine Review

“A compact, lightweight unit with heaps of thrust and with a reasonable price tag”

Charles Hood Technical Editor and Product



Tester at Dive Magazine UK


Also from the manufacturer of the Bladefish:

Hang on tight

Bladefish Seajet 5000

If you have done any snorkelling or diving did you ever dream of moving in the water as gracefully and effortlessly as a seal or dolphin? I know I have, particularly if I wanted to chase fast moving fish or quickly dive to a depth that you would not normally get to under your own steam.

This is the world of the Bladefish.